right now i am...

Writing... wedding and naming ceremony scripts (ALWAYS). I've got some AMAAAZING weddings coming up, including one where the Back To The Future-obsessed groom is rocking up to the ceremony in a DeLorean (HOW COOL!). I can't wait to have a go!

Interviewing... super-cool women in weddings for my blog and considering whether this should be a fully-fledged podcast - basically as an excuse to hang out and shoot the breeze with all my fave industry babes! 

Working with... wedding business owners. So, this is exciting... I've been going back to my copywriting roots and I'm now offering  writing services to wedding business owners. If this is something you'd like to to hear more about, just holla

Wanging on about... being PREGNANT. I thought I should mention this now as I've been craving Feta cheese A LOT and possibly look further along than I *actually* am. So worry not, my beloved 2018 couples, I've timed this so as NOT to drop at your wedding (ain't I good!). I'm due end of January - so when wedding season dies. I'll be available on email throughout and am still taking bookings for March 2019 onwards (That's freelance life for ya!).

Reading... Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton. BUY IT. BUY IT NOW.

Listening to... Love Stories with Dolly Alderton (can you tell I've got a little Dolly-obsessed this month!). This is an amazing podcast for anyone who loves... LOVE. 

Have you heard of the Now page movement? It's an idea proposed by the amazing Derek Sivers although I came across it via content marketing guru Jo Gifford.


Updated 15th August 2018