Oh, hi there!

I'm Katie. I'm a Humanist Celebrant specialising in totally bespoke ceremonies for kickass couples and fun-loving families.

And I think I might just have... THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! 

After ten years working as a trade journalist (digging, cajoling and generally getting a lot of doors slammed in my face), I decided to retrain as a Celebrant with Humanists UK in 2016. 

I'm still a journalist, of sorts. Only now, as a Celebrant, I'm privileged to report from the greatest frontier of all... LOVE *turns Moulin Rouge soundtrack up to full volume*.

Yes, yes... it's totally cheesy - but true! 

Things have changed a lot.

I now spend my days surrounded by loved-up couples and families, sharing in their happiness and hopes for their future together.

I fancy myself as something of a LOVE STORY DESIGNER (Snazzy, eh!).

My job is spinning the fabulous tales my clients tell me into one-of-a-kind love stories, which they are absolutely itching to share with their friends and family, either during their wedding or baby naming ceremony.

It's all very joyous and fulfilling stuff!

Some of my clients know exactly what shape their special day will take, others need a bit more of a steer. That’s what I’m here for: to get the best out of you. Together, we create a fun-filled, personality-packed ceremony script that is totally unique to you, speaks the truth of your relationship... and kicks off your big day of celebrations in style! 

I truly believe a totally bespoke ceremony is what it takes to make your special day absolutely SHINE. Yasss!

Knowing that I have created a unique ceremony that is going to be treasured by my clients for years to come is not only incredibly rewarding... it's also waaaaay more fun that reporting for Parking Monthly (that's a real magazine, Google it!).


Of course, the truly wonderful thing about choosing your celebrant is getting to build a relationship with that person who will help you to mark that milestone moment in your life. So, it's really, really important that there's a connection, and you feel absolutely delighted by the prospect of welcoming them into your world.

Hopefully, I've given you some sense of who I am and what I do. But I always recommend some face-to-face time, so you know whether or not we've got what it takes to go all the way together... (ooh!)

So get in touch. Let's meet up for a coffee, or a Skype call, and see if there's a spark!

Katie x

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If you’re thinking of going the humanist route, go have a coffee with Katie and I’m sure you’ll snap her up just as quickly as we did!’
— Sybille and Aadil.